July 2017

“Casinos are Making Goans Bankrupt”, says MLA Churchill Alemao

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Churchill Alemao has recently said that the casinos in Goa are responsible for making Goans bankrupt. According to him the payout ratio of these casinos is approximately 90:10 and thus leads to bankruptcy for many of the participants. He insisted that this ratio should be atleast 50:50. He was taking […]

Goa Airport Flaunting Paan &Guthka Stains

The pathetic condition and sanitation at the Goa Airport has once again become a news and a much favourite topic to talk about. The area near the airport staff could easily remind you of Vasco police station men’s barracks owing to its Paan and Guthka stained walls. Go towards the washroom area and you shall […]

50 Year Old Man Arrested in Goa’s Desecration case

The Special Investigation Team in Goa has arrested a 50 year old man in the recent desecration cases in the region. He has been arrested on the charges of allegedly involved in the desecration of holy crosses in South Goa district. Since July 1, 2017 Christian symbols at atleast 12 places and a temple in […]

Goa To Soon Have An App For Electricity Bill Payments

Soon the people of Goa will be able to pay their electricity bills online. The state government is in talks with the IT giant service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for developing an app that will allow you to pay your electricity bills online from anywhere at any time. The consumers of Goa will be […]

Woman Locked in a Room By Family for 20 Years Rescued in Goa

Home is a place where you find solace but what if the same place becomes your captivity? Acting over a tip-off delivered by way of email given by a stranger of a possible person stuck inside a home, an NGO-civic society “Bailancho Saad” in Goa rescued a woman who was locked by her own family […]

Woman Dies After Head-on Collision With Water Tanker

In a head-on collision between a scooter and a water tank, a 36 year old woman got killed on Monday. The accident took place on the Ribandar-Old Goa bypass on Monday evening. The victim was on its way towards Panaji as reported by the Old Goa Police. The victim was identified as Mahirunissha Bi Naik, […]

Margao, Fatorda Under Burglary Threat

The cases of thefts and burglaries don’t seem to end in Goa. People residing in the areas of Margao Police Jurisdiction are under the fear of burglaries all the time due to the incidents of breaking and entering that took place last month.  The police have raised the patrolling frequencies and tried to increase the […]

Beef not banned in Goa, tourists can eat whatever they like: Minister

Goa tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar on Sunday said tourists would get whatever dishes they want in the state, and the Centre’s notification banning the sale of cattle for slaughter has had no impact on the tourism sector in Goa. “Beef is not banned in Goa. The tourists would get whatever they want to eat. They […]