Nigerian Caught With Ganja in Calangute

Nigerian Caught With Ganja in Calangute

A man of Nigerian origin has been arrested in the Calangute area for possession of Ganja in his restaurant. The Ganja was found by the police during a joint raid in the kitchen of the premises of the restaurant run by the said man. The man was arrested and 150 grams of Ganja was confiscated.

The raid was conducted jointly by the Calangute Police and the  Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) officials in order to resolve complains that they had been receiving for quite some time about the restaurant operating under unhygienic conditions. The restaurant premises have been sealed for now.

The owner of the restaurant, Peter Ugwu has been arrested and is charged under section 20 (b) (ii) (A) of the NDPS Act. The owner of the restaurant, John Fernandes has also been charged for illegal activities under sections 25 and 27 (A) of the NDPS Act.

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