“Colored Light” Russian Movie by Andrei Novoselov

“Colored Light” Russian Movie by Andrei Novoselov

Last season, from December to April, the Russians filmed another movie in Goa. “Colored Light” by Andrei Novoselov will be released in November 2017 and will show what its author had always wanted to share with people.
The authors have long dreamed of creating their own independent movie – free and sincere. Make the movie lively, soulful and paradoxical. Andrei has always done what he wanted, and the way he wanted. He had always thought about the eternal, about the soul, about the light, about the possibilities of movies to make the world a better place.
The movie’s characters depict the real destinies of living people who are artistically woven into a single plot by the author. They live a personal drama in “Colored Light”. Someone finds freedom, but someone loses himself forever.
This concept required an unusual approach to the work process. The main part of the film was shot in India, and most of the footage  almost like a documentary.

In Goa they worked at many diverse locations –  friends’ homes, in fields, hotels, at parties, markets, on the beaches of Arambol and Mandrem, Reddy Fort… That is, wherever they could, wherever there was life.

THIS Film is about…
Belief in the fact that dreams come true
Courage to go all the way in one’s thinking and planning
Love beyond  limits, beyond  age and beyond boundaries
 One of the heroes of the picture, quite known in Goa writer Vasiliy Karavaev, decided to  interview the director Andrei Novoselov, so that everyone could understand everything at once.
Most of the shooting took place in Goa. Why did you choose India?
– I try to shoot only about what I’m interested in, and where I’m interested. The theme of the exodus from the system of human stereotypes could not have been more in line with the spirit of northern Goa.

– People need commercial entertainment. Why not shoot like everyone else? Can creativity be measured in money?
– I categorically can not do things what I do not like. Whatever I do, I do it from the heart. And if I don’t “get my kicks” from something, I refuse even commercially viable projects.  It’s not that easy: no one can abandon the family, life. But God has never left me in trouble. During the most desperate moments of my life, I have felt his magical touch again and again! I recommend everyone to give it a try! The main thing is that one’s thoughts are pure.

I don’t think that creativity can be measured in money. I am an idealist and I believe that this magical world will change sooner or later. But while it is such, there are many wonderful movies that are not able to earn much, as they are loved and watched by a very small part of humanity.
I find festivals interesting, success – pleasant. And I really want people to see what I’m doing, I want to be heard, and I want to make this world better. I don’t have an easy destiny, but everything develops in such a way that I can clearly understand and feel: I have something to say!

– Put your hand on your heart and tell me, don’t you just want to earn money?
– The value system of modern man is monstrously perverted. People often do not understand what they are doing with themselves and with their souls. They hugely underestimate the significance of this subject. Believe it or not, but for me the question of Karma is much more important than the questions of my wallet and my popularity. Harmony with the world and with myself is much more important for me.

– Among the directors of world cinema, who has most influenced your style? Fellini, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky …
– Federico Fellini, indeed, one of my most favorite. Not so long ago, arrived on the scene an amazing successor to him – Paolo Sorrentino. Terrence Malick, Bernardo Bertolucci, Andrey Tarkovsky and, of course, Lars von Trier are quite interesting. All such works are global, powerful, spiritual and eternal.

– In your movie “Colored Light”, there are famous Russian actors, and you convinced them to shoot for free. How did you do it?
– It was possible probably because I try to talk with people not by reason, but by soul.
When I was shooting in your film, I did not see any expensive cameras, decorations, make-up artists, bulky lighting equipment and so on. Is it an attempt to prove to everyone that creativity is not money?
– No. It’s just an attempt to make movies without asking for money from those who use it to “devour people.”

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