DJ Ashwin Alvares Beaten Up By Goons Over Declining Song Request

DJ Ashwin Alvares Beaten Up By Goons Over Declining Song Request

On a matter that could have been solved by a simple conversation, DJ Ashwin was beaten up badly by goons for merely declining a song request after 12am in night. Reportedly, the incident took place while he was performing at the “Goodman Restaurant and Bar” situated in Colva. Sources reveal that he was beaten up by a guy named Freddy who is the owner of a restaurant in the Assolna area named Shalom’s, along with three other guys from Mumbai.

DJ Ashwin has suffered many injuries from the accident and has been hospitalised now. Alvares is not a new name in Goa and is known for his extremely good DJ skills, not to forget his expertise in karaoke as well. He has performed at many events before and is loved by all.

DJ Ashwin Alvares shared a post on FB social media saying:

“Hi all. FIR has been filed. Glad to have friends and family taking care of me. Busted nose so can’t talk or breathe too well but am finally being treated and I hope they release me soon. Please help to spread the word and try and help people being gang beaten. It’s not a good feeling.”

Goans have come together in his support and have acted out on the incident. Many posts and feeds are now being shared against these type of activities. In addition to this groups on social media have been made to bring people together. On one such group, DJ Ashwin shared a message narrating the incident.

“Hi guys its Ash.

Basically Freddy was on a power trip and wanted to show his friends from Mumbai that he is a Don in Colva. There were 6 of them on one table and I played all their requests while there was time. His friends requested a song at 11.30pm and I told them sorry. I wont have time as the restaurant closes at 12am and also there were several other clients also waiting for songs but there was no time to play. He then sent his bouncers to intimidate me. When I did not budge and stopped the music at 12am they started verbally abusing me. Meanwhile I packed up my equipment. When I went to load my car, Anthony shut the car. They knocked my equipment what I was carrying down and surrounded me. Then Freddy broke my nose with the first punch. And his buddies started punching me from all sides. I felt the blood gushing out so I went into the light of the restaurant and the other guests saw what was happening and held them off. One of the bouncer guys even brought out his baseball bat but did not get to use it. They then ran off and Anthony goes to the Colva police station and says that he was alone and lost my senses and attacked him. Meanwhile a guest Julia, who was a nurse straightened out my nose while I waited for the ambulance to get me to Hospicio where I was admitted and am awaiting a doctor’s checkup.”

It is not new in Goa that several DJs and performing artists get trapped in such situations which is nothing put a power show. These artists have worked very hard to showcase their talent and reach where they are today. If nothing, then we can atleast respect them.

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