AIB’s & Kangana New Video – A Slap on Sexism

AIB’s & Kangana New Video – A Slap on Sexism

Whether it is work or home, every girl has faced some kind of sexism and while one may think that as you move more towards the glamour side this will reduce, we are sorry but you can’t be more wrong. Every industry, whether it is glamorous or not has its share of sexism and the same applies to Bollywood as well. Want to put some humour to it? Presenting you AIB’s new video in collaboration with Kangana Ranaut- “Bollywood Diva”.

We all know AIB for their hard hitting reality based sarcasm and they have done it yet again. The Diva song is becoming extremely popular as it hits your where it hurts, sexism and nepotism in Bollywood. Kangana can be seen dancing to a song made out of the popular track “Chittiyan Kalaiyan” to prove her point that she as a girl is much more than just a beauty show. The song is also being seen as a response to the ongoing quarrel between Kangana and Hrithik.

The video begins by Kangana reading the script with some utter nonsense dialogues even though her character is of a scientist who lives in Poland. When she revolts about it she is being told to just act and not think. While when the male lead says the same, he is heard. This pisses off her character in the video and so the dance number begins. While she is dancing to the music, she is repeatedly told by the male lead to not play the victim and stop with the sexism talk or else she will be replaced and that is what happens in the end. Yes! The female lead is replaced only for asking for a better role.

This does portray the kind of society that we are living in today. Telling women, who are by the way leaders in many fields now to act and behave a certain manner. However this type of incident is not the first in Bollywood space. Many actresses have said and talked about all this but a little has been done. The difference in pay checks still exist. Even though one may say that the actresses’ name is displayed before the actor, but then again, is the same respect given? The roles that we see for the female leads, more often than not display them as helpless beings who will do anything for their love and less focus is put on one’s career priorities. Objectifying women and displaying scenes where you see “her no means yes” is sending a very wrong message to society and putting a wrong way of thinking in the youth’s minds.

Bollywood sure reacted on the video, some in support and some had, well, different things to say. The most recent comment that has come to the limelight is that of Karan Johar’s. Karan Johar wrote using his Twitter Social Media:

“Dear talent… I wish you would stay away from overconfidence and delusion… they are constantly conspiring against you… don’t you see it?”

Post reading this, Twitter lost its cool and came to the rescue of Kangana. Twitter was flooded by many supporters telling her to not feel down by such kind of people and be strong as she is. Kangana will also be seen on the coming 15th of September in her upcoming film “Simran”. The movie is about a girl, divorced, continuously advised by parents on her living style and thus her constant battle to be what she is in  world willing to mend her in its own way.

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