Mawa Worth Rs 2 Lakhs Seized by FDA

Mawa Worth Rs 2 Lakhs Seized by FDA

Mawa Worth Rs 2 Lakhs Seized by FDA

The Diwali times are sure of festivities but some traders try to cash in on the celebrations by providing inferior quality food products, a problem which is very much prevalent in sweets prepared during this time. FDA acted on this general trend that is see during this time and confiscated Mawa (used for making sweets) of worth Rs 2 Lakhs.

The confiscated Mawa is being said of inferior quality, not matching food safety standards, containing non-permitted food colouring products and made with vegetable oil and containing preservatives. This Mawa was intended to be used in preparation of sweets in Diwali.

The mawa, weighing over 1 tonne was seized at the home of Ramlal at Ghotnecho Wal, Colvale. The mawa was packed in 42 bags and each bag weighed around 30 kg. FDA also told that the food was initially sourced as Barfi and was being later used for making sweets as mawa. The mawa was also kept in improper storage conditions, detoriating its quality further. Date of manufacturing was also not available for them.


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