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Christmas in Goa is perhaps the most colorful and exciting in India

It goes without saying that Christmas in Goa is perhaps the most colorful and exciting in India. People from all over the world gather to enjoy the fun and enthusiasm of Christmas, New Year and Carnival from December to February. The place is most crowded during that time, and you don’t get accommodation if not booked well in advance. Hotels and restaurants in Goa are full of people. The place becomes a melting pot of cultures, religions, races, and languages.

Though Christmas and Carnival are the most famous events in Goa, the place has a full spectrum of events throughout the year. Some of them have acquired name and fame, and some are not known to many people. List of Events in Goa gets published at the official website of Goa tourism. It is possible to plan the holidays well when you have the idea of upcoming events in goa. However, the land of Goa offers a plethora of other events spread across the year. All these events in goa are equally mesmerizing.

  • Grape festival: It comes in the month of January every year where food and beverage companies gather to pamper the taste buds of foodies. A superb occasion for those who love wine and dine.
  • Food and music festival: A “must attend” occasion for those who relish music, dance, and other cultural activities! The best dancers, musicians, and singers give their best performances. Rocking bands, entertainment and fun, and food and beverages; the real colors of Goa can be seen in the Goa Music and Food festival.

Other than Carnival and Christmas party in goa, you have plenty of other occasions for fun and joy!

The mesmerizing land of Goa has a dual personality

The mesmerizing land of Goa has a dual personality. At one side, it is a completely family holiday spot with mesmerizingly beautiful sun-kissed beaches, incredible water sports and unlimited opportunity for surf and swim.

As the night falls, everyone wants to unleash the fun and excitement. There are no boundaries and no taboos.   The nightlife of Goa is simply matchless. The place is heaven for those who want to get submerged into fun and frolic, party and dance, booze and shots. Enjoy unforgettable moments in the best clubs in goa and admire the warmth and affection of the place.

A trip to Goa remains incomplete till you experience the thrill of nightlife there. Whether it is a rave party of a beach party, pubs or discos; Goan night life is dazzling and dashing. It is a common routine to partying around whole night, especially when you are single. Parties are not confined to the clubs, pubs or hotels in Goa but they are everywhere. Night beach party in goa offers the best party mood.

When you are in Goa, it is just impossible to keep the alcohol intake within limits. Places like Titos baga goa, are ideal for you if you are a whole-night boozer. With a wide range of alcoholic beverages around (the top-most favorite is of course, “Feni”); you should forget about all restrictions and resolutions. It is the land of thrill and chill.


Whether you are die-hard party fan or an occasional boozer, Goa offers uncountable night clubs in north goa to test your limits. Choose a party spot that suits you the best and enjoy every moment of it. A rave party in Goa doesn’t cost you a fortune. Yes, Goa is unbelievably affordable; provided you choose the right place. Otherwise, it is the most extravagant place in the world.

There is a lot more in Goa than pristine beaches!

When people think about Goa, seldom they can imagine anything more than beaches, churches and temples. However, this pristine place offers much beyond it.  The only thing is, you have to look around with curiosity and interest.

It is a cultural place

Today, Goa is known as a predominant Christian state but it was a prominent Hindu state before that. Mangeshi Temple is the prominent religious place to visit in Goa. The other important place is Shanta Durga temple. Millions of Hindus visit every year and take the blessings of the deities.
Christmas in Goa gets the worldwide acclaim, but Hindu festivals are also celebrated with great joy. Since fun and frolic are the core characteristics of Goa, it is the best place to spend a gala time.
Carnival is the most colorful and joyous event where almost everyone participates. You have a series of events in Goa during that time. There are fun fairs, colorful processions, sports events, cultural programs and many more. Those who experience once wish to go there every year.

It’s party time!

Want to enjoy most exciting parties? There is nothing better than Goa. Those who seek for an unforgettable beach party in Goa won’t be disappointed either. Clubs in Goa offer unprecedented fun and full night bash with unlimited booze and platters of mouthwatering Goan food.
Spend holidays in Goa and get mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this place. The houses are amazingly beautiful, and the people are extremely adorable. The hospitality and warmth of Goa are beyond compare. It is impossible to come out of the charisma of this place.

Explore the unseen in Goa

If you are an explorer who wants to feel and experience Goa beyond the seashore, then there are so many things to do. Enjoy a scenic cruise in the beautiful river Mandovi that flows through Goa and submerges into the Arabian Sea near Panim.
There is a small island called Divar where you can see a beautiful Portuguese villa. Divar church a prominent place to visit. You can have the feel of the Portuguese era in this ex-capital of Goa. You can find houses reflecting the genuine Portuguese architecture with exotic colors and textures and sensational architectural excellence.
Goa is the jewel in the crown. It is one of the finest places where you spend every single moment with incredible joy. Spending vacation there gives memories to cherish forever.

Rave parties in Goa have a long history

Goa is the perfect place for hang out and night out. A few clubs in Goa are more than a century old, and there is a long heritage of parties and fun. In the decades of Sixties and Seventies, these spots were the hotspots of Indian and foreign tourists. A full night “masti” with electrifying music and a plethora of food platters ad beverages were the signature characteristics. A rave party in Goa was more than a status symbol those days. You could find plenty of celebrities and Page 3 figures on the beach. It was great fun partying in Goa!
Goa came into the limelight with the rise of Hippies. In fact, some beaches in Goa were known for foreigners only. Since “freedom from taboo” was the crux of the Hippy movement, the rave parties and night parties had everything that was needed for a fun, thrill and ecstasy.
Today, we find a great change in it and the rave parties of today are quite different from the parties of that time. Hotels and resorts arrange fun, frolic and music for tourists who want to feel the thrill of it. Unlimited drinks, snacks and dance, keep you occupied the whole night. Dance on the best DJ numbers and feel the real crux and essence of Goa!

Resorts at Anjuna Beach, the best party destination

Anjuna Beach has made a significant place in the mind space of party animals. When you think about a superb beach party in Goa, you can’t think a better place than Anjuna. Not only the legendry Fool Moon bash, but every night is a party night there. Goa has a unique blend of cultures. Hindu, Portuguese and French cultures intermingled there. The British era added flair to it. Today, you have the best celebrations of the New Year and Christmas in Goa. People from nooks and corners of the whole world gather to witness the unmatched fun and enthusiasm. It is truly an international tourist destination today.
Whether it is Anjuna Beach or the capital city of Panjim, you have a plethora of events in Goa to make your stay memorable. With the sun-kissed beaches and lush green seashore with thick shadows of whispering palms, Goa brings an experience that you would love to carry forever in the memory lane. Spent a vacation there and you won’t be ready to go back, for sure!

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